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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Dont know if youve tried it but what about Whisper Touch mains and Mosquito Bite crosses? Sounds interesting. MB should hold tension well as all Weiss cannon polys do.
It is one of the best spin setups I've tried.
It's also softer than the time I strung BDE nat gut/MSV co-focus hex 1.18.
And the MB stayed softer and playable for longer than MSV. (not to mention the BDE gut is softer than the Pacific gut I used with MB).

Only issue is MB is very powerful. I know MSV is atop the low-friction list, but I doubt the extra 0.03 (or whatever it was) coefficient of friction on MB will account for less spin (in any noticeable way), since we all mostly are in agreement that technique accounts for over 90% of one's ability to impart spin anyhow. I've tried at least 5 different combos of gut main/poly cross, and Gut/MB was by far the softest, longest playable setup. I found all of them to impart spin similarly, although even so, MB cross was right there with MSV cross.

So, IME, the MB is a good one because it has better tension retention and comfort than MSV. If you can manage its power, it's a winner for crosses to gut mains, and worth a shot if you have some on hand. I'm tempted to try Polystar Energy as a cross just because it's so greasy and slick for a poly. It may be a launcher (due to massive tension loss compared to most poly, esp WC poly), but I can't imagine a slicker poly than Energy, for someone seeking pure spin/power/comfort.
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