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In most cases it is due to a certain type of frame (some of the Heads) and a poor mounting/support system.. or just bad mounting by the user. If you are using a Klippermate or one of lower end 2-point systems.. there is your problem. You will indeed need to stretch the frame when mounting. The question has been asked many.. many times. All the Klippermate users will swear it never happens to them. Do a Head Radical on a Klippermate and you will get compression unless you stretch the frame when mounting.

I moved from a Klippermate to a 6-point Alpha and have never seen the problem since. Not once..
I hate it when people call out a brand as being a problem. I've strung hundreds of racquets on a Klippermate over a twenty year time period. I've compressed one racquet head--mine fortunately. It was because I forgot to tighten one of the mounting supports. That could happen on any stringer. If you compress racquet heads with a Klippermate, it's because you don't mount the racquet properly or you're doing something really unusual. I don't think they'd be in business with essentially the same design for so long if the machine by it's nature damaged frames.

It's one thing when a company is known for poor quality and bad service. Klipper is not one of those companies.
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