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Resurrecting an older thread here. As a new stringer, I am trying to decide which way I want to go on this. What surprises me reading this thread is that there are die-hard believers in both strategies, but everyone is just throwing out unsupported opinions. No one has made an effort to gather any hard data. How hard is it to take a stringmeter and measure the last pulls vs. the adjacent strings? You could measure this both without an increase in tension on one racquet, and with an increase on another. That should answer the question pretty quickly as to how much tension is lost due to knot drawback on the last pull and whether increasing string tension reduces this loss and makes for a more consistent stringbed.

Of course, I can't really imagine a loss of tension of five or ten pounds on the last pull really having a detrimental effect on the rest of the stringbed. So I am not sure whether it matters that much in the grand scheme of things anyway. But if you are going for consistency in your work, I suppose it could make a difference. I will do some measurements next time I string up a few racquets.
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