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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I really can't believe some of what I'm reading. I string on a Neos and have never had a Head racquet "compress", or any other kind of racquet. Stringing 10 pounds higher to compensate? What of the end result?

Guys, short of it is, anytime a racquet compresses or shifts or the shape is different, then it is NOT a good thing. It's hard enough on a frame just stringing it normally, but all these suggested "fixes" are just plain scary. The problem here is either the mounting system used, or the way in which the frame was mounted.
Originally Posted by jgrushing View Post
Sorry but that's complete BS. I've strung plenty of Radicals with no problem whatsoever. I simply mount the frame firmly, make sure it's secure and string the racquet. I've never purposely "stretched" a frame. Obviously, you didn't use the mounting on the KM well.
Many who have strung Head frames on this board (regardless of the mounting system) have noticed the heads occasionally round out slightly and the frames shorten by a couple of millimeters... depending on the main/cross tension and the type of string used.

It's nothing new and the subject has been raised numerous times. So, please don't act like a know-it-all and state it should never happen or it's an issue with the mounting system or the operator. It DOES happen and I've never noticed it apart from Head frames. The Prestige, Radical and PT 280/630 are infamous for rounding and shortening.

Just because you two have never noticed it doesn't mean it doesn't occur. How often do you measure the racquet's length when you finish stringing Head frames, BTW?

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