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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Many who have strung Head frames on this board (regardless of the mounting system) have noticed the heads occasionally round out slightly and the frames shorten by a couple of millimeters... depending on the main/cross tension and the type of string used.

It's nothing new and the subject has been raised numerous times. So, please don't act like a know-it-all and state it should never happen or it's an issue with the mounting system or the operator. It DOES happen and I've never noticed it apart from Head frames. The Prestige, Radical and PT 280/630 are infamous for rounding and shortening.

Just because you two have never noticed it doesn't mean it doesn't occur. How often do you measure the racquet's length when you finish stringing Head frames, BTW?
Granted I don't measure each racquet as it comes off the stringer. But adding 10 pounds for a few millimeters? I don't care who the stringer is or what machine they use, that is terrible advice. I have always been told that stringing crosses substantially higher than mains is also bad for the frame. This certainly qualifies as substantial.

And, I also don't randomly add 10 pounds tension to crosses to compensate which screws up a string job just to make the frame look right. Have you ever played with a frame strung with a 10 pound difference between the mains and crosses? That is totally hosed, and IMO, terrible advice. I'm not being a "know-it-all" when I validly criticize that advice. It's terrible advice, it's not solving the original problem, it ruins the feel of a string job, and it results in a terrible end product for whoever was unlucky enough to pay for that string job.

Let me ask you, if you took your frame to someone to be strung say at 60 pounds, would you want them to add 10 pounds on the crosses to "striaghten it out"? How do you think a string job at 60 on the mains and 70 on the crosses would play? Hell, even 55 on the mains and 65 on the crosses?

Again, I simply cannot believe some of the "advice" that is being handed out. I don't think the issue is a couple of millimeters as much as it is telling someone to 'add 10 pounds' or stretch a frame by applying force to it. And FYI, I've strung plenty of Head frames and never seen any noticeable difference in the head shape after stringing.
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