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You're previous post essentially says that a Head Radical can't be strung on a KM w/o compressing the head. A number of friends that I've strung for over the years play Radicals and other listed Head racquets. I am saying that I string them (and have) without compression.

It would surprise me that the folks at KlipperUSA would tell you to purposely stretch a frame. Not denying, just saying that's not the kind of answers I've received over the years when I've had questions.

I can easily understand how compression could occur with a KM. However, if the frame plates are tightened down with the lip edges securely against the racquet frame at the throat and the head, the racquets don't have any room to move. It must move at the top or the throat for compression to occur, in my mind. Of course, the wing nuts on the upward supports must be secured also. My only disaster, probably 15 years ago, happened when I didn't tighten one of the supports.
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