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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Then, live with a shorter frame with a rounder head

You speak like a 10 lb. differential between crosses and mains is unheard of and is potentially frame damaging. People string with 10 lb. cross/main differentials all the time. Personally, if a Head frames slightly deforms post-stringing when pulled off the machine, I don't see it as a big deal. Others may not feel the same. I was giving a recommendation on how to prevent it.
So, if a guy brings a racquet to you to string at 60 pounds, you have zero qualms of stringing it +10 on the crosses to make the frame look right? And, no, people don't string +10 difference all the time. I am still amazed that anyone would suggest such a difference especially in light of all the talk on these boards, you included, of a difference of a gram here or a balance point there.

And I don't live with a shorter, rounder head, just doesn't happen when I string on the Neos. And your recommendation is bogus, you don't do that to someone who has requested a tension.
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