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Head Compression:

1) It is not a problem with all frames and low end stringing machines.

2) It is a problem when you string certain frames with low end stringing machines. These low end stringing machines have too much flex or play in mounting supports or base. Or a both could be an issue.

3) This not a function of 2 point vs 6 point mounting systems. There are many fine machines that employ 2 point and 6 point systems.

4) When you combine certain frames and certain low end machines (Sorry Klippermate Users), you see head compression.

5) The frame I have seen this occur with are many of the Head Twin Tube models.. ie Radicals, Dunlop MW series. Some of Volkl line. You will not see head compession on a Wilson PS 6.1 and a POG.

6) Incorrect Mounting (User Error) on a good machine can also produce head compression with these certain frames

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