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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
So, if a guy brings a racquet to you to string at 60 pounds, you have zero qualms of stringing it +10 on the crosses to make the frame look right? And, no, people don't string +10 difference all the time. I am still amazed that anyone would suggest such a difference especially in light of all the talk on these boards, you included, of a difference of a gram here or a balance point there.

And I don't live with a shorter, rounder head, just doesn't happen when I string on the Neos. And your recommendation is bogus, you don't do that to someone who has requested a tension.
Rabbit... the Neos is bulit like a tank.. you will not see head compression. The mounting system could withstand a bomb blast. The better made and older machines employ better materials and workmanship. The lower end systems are using thinner, lower grade materials and have design flaws. Thus the lower price. BTW.. folks do not string + or - 10 lbs difference all the time. If a customer requested it I would be nervous. The most I have ever done is 5 or 6. I would never do it without talking to the player 1st. Yikes...!!!

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