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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
The salt level in pickle juice (either from a pickle bottle or from the sports drink of that name) is way, way higher than in sports drinks, so I wouldn't use experience with sports drinks as evidence of anything, necessarily. I am not aware that many put much stock on potassium playing a key role in cramping.
Yes, but you're drinking less than an ounce to relieve the cramps. There isn't enough salt in an ounce to make a difference. I still think it's the vinegar. The science seems to agree.

Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
Well, why do some guys cramp easily and others do not?
Is it diet/drinks? Is it hydration pre-match?
Is it musculature? Genetics? Is it stress and the way a guy handles score? Is it breathing? Is it how efficiently a guy moves?

I think of cramps and I think of Michael Chang and Marcos Baghdatis. Shuzo Matsuoka.
Remember Pete after that 1995 Davis Cup match in Moscow? Ouch.
I think of guys who did not cramp much and I think of Federer.
I think it's genetics. I've always been a cramper .. even when much younger

Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Some folks are salt sparing perspirers others are salt losing perspirers (if there is a white band on your dark cap after a match you are the latter).

Of course, various individuals fluid load (or not) or salt load (or not).
I do have a salt ring on my cap after a long day of tennis. However, I take in plenty of salt so that's not an issue as far as the cramping.

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I played for 5 hours today. At about the 4th hour, my toes and right calf started cramping. Hit the pickle juice and bingo, cramps gone within a minute

What an amazing discovery for me this is! There is nothing worse than feeling the cramps traveling up your body .. from toes to calves, to thighs, to abdomen, etc.

I'll always pack a couple ounces of pickle juice whenever I play sports from now on.
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