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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Rabbit... the Neos is bulit like a tank.. you will not see head compression. The mounting system could withstand a bomb blast. The better made and older machines employ better materials and workmanship. The lower end systems are using thinner, lower grade materials and have design flaws. Thus the lower price. BTW.. folks do not string + or - 10 lbs difference all the time. If a customer requested it I would be nervous. The most I have ever done is 5 or 6. I would never do it without talking to the player 1st. Yikes...!!!
Exactly. And to suggest that anyone add 10 pounds is just plain wrong no matter the circumstance.

Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Did I say that? Stop assuming

The OP noticed something and I offered a recommendation on how to prevent it.

A far as I'm concerned, this discussion between you and me on this issue is over.
Did he say it was his racquet? Would you want someone doing that to your racquet? My question was if you would do that to make a racquet brought to you look right.

Your recommendation was bogus, that's my point.
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