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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
Just strung my new YT Prestiges and no problems at all with head distortion. I even compared the first racquet I strung with another one that was still unstrungs, and no distortion at all.

I have a Gamma X6-FC, 6 point mounting.

I also already strung a YT prestige Mid and another YT Prestige MP and no problems as well.
Nobody said it happens on every Head frame every time it's strung. It depends on the tension and the string used.

Seriously, this issue has been documented going back years. It happens on every type of stringing machine. Is it a coincidence it's always Head frames? Probably not. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not depending on the type of string used and the tension.

Let's stop beating a dead horse here like others have stated.

Originally Posted by Kam2010 View Post
I have a Tyger String Eco-45 stringing machine which I got pretty cheap about 240

I have strung about 15 rackets so far and only had this problem once and that was with a Head racket and this was only because it was too tight on the clamps once I cut the strings out ( Mains ) as it was a 2 piece job it went back to original shape and I restrung it after and it was perfectly fine.
Again, a Head frame.

Of course it will go back to its original shape once the strings are cut out. Clamping too tight won't make a head compress.

Why is it a few of you continue to refute this?

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