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I've been stringing myself for a little over a year and I consider myself a DIYer in general. I realize I had some flaws when first started stringing (for example clamp not adjusted tight enough causing losing tension when stringing crosses) and recently discovered an improvement in mounting technique on my SP swing. The problem I noticed in my OP was on a POG OS (1-2mm) and a YT Prestige MP (3-4mm). The POG was strung before the mounting improvement and I'm confident it would be fine if I string again. But the YT was done after. I have a new Donnay Red 94 and Gold 99 coming and will see how they go.

Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
All this got me curious and I had a Head YouTek Three Star come in. I measured the racket and here are the results:

Unbroken strings in racket - 27 10/16"
No strings in racket - 27 10/16"
Mounted racket no strings - 27 11/16"
4 center mains tensioned - 27 10/16"
8 center mains tensioned - 27 9/16"
12 center mains tensioned - 27 8/16"
all 16 mains tensioned - 27 7/16"
Knots tied clamps released - 27 7/16"
top four crosses tensioned - 27 8/16"
top eight crosses tensioned - 27 9/16"
top twelve crosses tensioned - 27 9/16"
all crosses tensioned - 27 10/16"
crosses ties off - 27 10/16"
racket unmounted - 27 10/16"

Mains and crosses were strung with Gamma SG w/WearGuard @ 57 lbs 2 piece pattern. Racket was compressed 3/16" stringing the mains but all length was recovered when crosses were strung. End result was the same as the start.

Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Just strung a Wilson (K)Three but did not take all the same measurements. The results were:

Pre-Strung from Wilson - 27 17/32"
No strings - 27 16/32"
Mounted - 27 18/32"
14 center mains tensioned - 27 9/32"
3rd to 18th cross tensioned - 27 16/32"
After completing ATW - 27 16/32"
unmounted 27 16/32"

Strung with Gamma Live Wire XP 17 gauge @ 62 lbs. Although the head compressed a little more with the Wilson racket the end result was the same strung and unstrung on both rackets. I imagine the Wilson compressed a bit more because the tension was higher.

These are very valuable data. I see 2 things here: firstly, there is a very slight stretch in mounting of 1/16" (1.6 mm). Secondly, after strung, there is a compression of 1/16" (1.6 mm). So I wonder what delta of pre-/post-strung measurements do people consider 'no compression'? My POG shortening is no more than 2mm and can be considered ok then.
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