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I was tracing the outline of the head before and after string. It was very clear that the head was rounding out. Not to mention the frame's overall length was 26.75 (Radical 1998 version) after stringing. The one that really hit me was the Dunlop MW 200G 100. I had that I picked it up brand new and was strung by my local ProShop. The other I had been stringing. The new one was 27.50 (Correct Spec). Mine were coming out 27.25 and the head looked like an O/S. I cut the strings out of the one I had strung.. and it came back to 27.50. The Head Pure Competition was the other model that had major Head Compression. That model was a Twin Tube and 21 mm beam.. flex was about 55 or less. Very soft frame.
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