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Djokovic gave Ljubicic a hard was a brilliant match. I think the final will not be half as interesting as this match. Djokovic was playing really great, offensive tennis, he was keeping Ljubicic 3 m behind the baseline in the 1st set. And in the next two he handed Ljubo quite a lot of points. Ljubicic wasn't playing one of his best matches, luckilly he was serving good and Djokovic started to make too much unforced errors after some time.
I suppose Ljubicic will play like himself tomorrow and take the tourney. It will be good to see how he handles Koubek cause we're playing Austria in the DC next week (although that will be on clay).
Goran was commenting the match for croatian tv and repeated twice that he expects to see Djokovic in the Top 30 in the next few months. I couldn't agree more.
He also mentioned how the serving gun wasn't working well in the previous matches (they shut it down for this match cause they discovered it was taking about 25-30 km from each serve) which explained why Ljubo and Ancic have been hitting only "170 km/h" serves in the past matches
Ah I'm sorry Tim didn't make it to the I hear he was having some serious back problems in the 3rd and that's what cost him the finals.
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