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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Connors was really what you might call a good sport in this match. He was chumming it up with Newcombe (not exactly reciprocated, was my impression) and the linesmen; the announcers said that all week long he'd won many friends in Australia. It was almost weird for me, seeing Connors this jovial. Newcombe was much more serious -- at least on the surface.
I think Connors' image had taken a bit of a knock Down Under the year before.

When he crushed Rosewall at Wimbledon in '74, Connors at the after-match press conference said something like, "I know Ken is the old sentimental favourite. But the thing about today, gentlemen, is that I was just unbelievable out there". And before the match, he'd apparently said, "I'll be going out there to squash him." It was comments like these that made the Australian press, to say the least, very wary of Connors. "Connors typifies a generation that tips its hat to no man," they said.

So maybe Connors was trying to make amends for this.
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