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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Anyone using the Dark Red these days? What string setup are you using? Which ones have you tried and been dissatisfied with?

While I love the frame's swingweight, static weight, its "solidness", large sweetspot, and power level, I just can't seem to find a good string combination that brings out its FEEL. When I hit a ball, I don't feel like I'm 100% connected with it. I need to find a string that allows me to recognize where my shot is headed.

So far, I've tried:

NXT 16g at 52 lb. -- decent, but nothing special

Big Hitter Blue 17g at 34 lb. -- started out very stiff, but softened up after a while, it was good, but lacking feedback and feel

Big Hitter Blue 17g mains/Hollow Core 16g crosses at 46/48 lb. -- stiff, powerless, lacking spin

I have tried the Blue 99, Gold 94, Red 94 and Dark Red 94. When the chips are down and there are no more options, I keep going back to the Dark Red 94. For serves and shotmaking, i believe the DR is clearly the best(IMO). I've posted this info before, but I want to stress the fact that the Dark Red seems to be much more sensitive to string selection and tension. From my experience, the DR had feel but lacked stability on returns and when hitting heavy, deep, consistent topspin.

I have tried a few string combinations. I'm currently using Volkl Cyclone 18 in the mains(strung at 52lbs) and Mantis Power Synthetic in the crosses(strung at 54lbs). This hybrid gives me excellent spin and controllable power. Feel is also excellent with this combination. I've also used Solinco Tour Bite 16 in the mains and Isospeed Control + Arm Protection 1.30 in the crosses. The Isospeed is a soft multifilament that absorbs vibration and allows me to hold the ball a little longer. However, I felt it muted my feel for the ball.

I also tried a full bed of Prince Premiere LT 17. It had excellent feel that allowed me to hit some nice touch shots. However, it lost tension rather quickly.

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