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Thanks for that info. I haven't tried the X-Blue 94/99 yet, but I may give them a demo to see how they compare to the X-Dark Red.

I completely agree on the serves with the DR. A very solid and predictable frame for serving. I've also found volleys to be very reliable with it.

But I need a stringbed that lets me judge the ball coming off the racquet a little better. I hit the ball, and it sort of goes where I want it to, and it's sort of got good pace and spin, but at the instant I hit the ball, I really have absolutely no clue what's going to happen. It's almost like hitting the ball with a blindfold on -- you just have to swing and hope, then take off the blindfold and watch the ball to see what happened. That's not really the way I want to play tennis.

The X-Black 99 seemed to have almost TOO much feel -- a bit "twangy" and raw for my tastes, although it hit a nice ball. But no power whatsoever. I like a better balance between the frame and strings to provide power, not just rely on the strings to do the job and compensate for a powerless frame.

I haven't noticed any "lack of stability" with the Dark Red. Fact is, it seems to be the MOST stable Donnay frame I've ever played with. It is SOLID.
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