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can you please tell me how the T10 II gen plays with respect to T10 VE and C10 pro? I have the opportunity to buy a T10 II gen.
That T10 Gen II was a favorite with a lot of C 10 users. It is stiffer in the upper hoop, so those who complained able the wet noodle feel or needed more power, went to that frame. It was a very easy transition. Both Kevin Kim and Eric Taino used them past '05, and they were painted to look like C 10s.

The T10 VE MP I assume(forget about the Mid if you are not a 5.5 player, PERIOD)?

If so, then you would like it if you preferred more topspin and had less feel to your game than a typical C 10/T10 user. It is stiffer throughout and more powerful. It was a really good Volkl for those who wanted the Volkl feel/precision with some more power, like a Wilson 6.1 of the time. It also had the BITD V-Bridge, which lengthened the mains and stiffened the bridge, so there was more bite. If you have a faster swing, this is a good stick to choose.
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