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Originally Posted by suppawat View Post
Having heard a lot of good result from extremely low tension, I will try it. Thanks for sharing. Do you find the Tour Bite hold tension very well at 30 lbs?

Well, poly at low tensions definitely doesn't have that "multifilament" feel (as you suggested using for this frame), but it's good. I have some natural gut that I want to try as well, but because the Tour Bite is working so well, I might not get around to that for a while.

Anyway, I haven't used it long enough to judge the tension loss, but I've had it strung for about 3-4 days and have played over an hour of hard hitting and it hasn't dropped more than 2-3 lb. so far. I've read good things from other reviews about Tour Bite holding tension well.

I'll find out later this week when I get the chance to play more with it.

As a side note, I tried stringing Tourna Big Hitter Blue in this frame at 35 lb. and I hated it. Very muted, felt stiff and plasticky. It did loosen up a bit, and I played great with it, but I never liked the feel. Tour Bite is a different animal altogether. It felt great right away and had more power and softness than the Big Hitter Blue. Much more spin, too.
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