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Originally Posted by goober View Post
I have done all 10 dvds, however I am not really following their 90 day plan. I took days off when I went on vacation and other days off when I played tennis. I like Tom Holland a little more than Horton who is a little too goofy for me. I didn't buy p90x so he may have been different on that vid series.

The workouts are not easy, but they are shorter- 30-45 minutes. You can adjust the difficulty by using lighter weights or modified moves. I think it is a great deal compared to the retail price of p90x. Some of the workouts left me really sore. It is true that all these maneuvers and workouts you can learn just from reading different sites on the internet. But for your average Joe it is is much easier having someone motivate you and tell you what to do than just try to workout by yourself with self motivation. You can do it the expensive way with a personal trainer or you can do it the cheaper way with a personal trainer on a dvd.

So basically this is a great deal at $2/dvd and probably worth getting even if you have done P90x. Most of the reviews have said the workouts are very different. The only thing to note is there is no yoga or stretching dvd. Also the cardio workout is basically using lighter weights at a faster pace.
Thanks, goober, for the excellent review.

I like to mix up workouts, as I am taking a break from P90X and Insanity to try out Kettleworx.

Maybe I will get these DVDs and try the RushFit as well.
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