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Originally Posted by pjonesy View Post
That is thinking outside the box. Now that is what i call experimentation. I don't see how I could possibly avoid trying your 30 lbs tension with the tour bite! Spin is the foundation of my game and I would love to see what tour bite at that tension does to the ball.

So, this was a full bed of Tour Bite 17 strung at 30 lbs?
Yes it was a full bed.

And it certainly is thinking out of the box. But honestly, it wasn't my idea. While I have to say that I've ALWAYS preferred low tensions (stringing with 42-48 lb. syn gut is not unusual for me in a 90 sq. in. frame), the idea of using poly at extremely low tensions was pioneered in this thread:

I just ran with the idea, as I've always liked low tensions and I wanted to see how much spin and control I could gain with poly as opposed to syn gut. In my brief experience with low tensions in the 30 lb. range, I've noticed that not all polys are created equal. Soft polys seem to work better, but not always. I really enjoyed playing with Polystar Energy in my 90 sq. in. frame at 30 lb. It was awesome. But Tourna Big Hitter Blue at 34 lb. just STUNK! Tour Bite at 30 lb. is awesome. I hope it holds tension better than the Polystar Energy, which lost tension pretty quickly (within 2 hours) and was quite literally unplayable (uncontrollable, unpredictable) after about 6-8 hours of play. And the only reason I was able to stretch it out that long was that I'm already accustomed to playing with low tensions. I'm hoping to get more out of the Tour Bite.

At this point, I may try some of the cheaper Solinco strings to see if they are similar in performance. I'm not overly interested in getting 110% spin production out of the strings, as I'm more of an all-court player rather than a baseline basher, so I would probably be happy with one of the non-textured polys if I could save some money and get 80% of the performance of the Tour Bite.
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