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Originally Posted by pjonesy View Post
So, if I were to string hybrid with tour bite and a syn gut, would I string it tour bite-30lbs and syn gut 45? I've been stringing for a few years, but I have never considered stringing with extreme low tension. A full bed of co-poly would not work for me(shoulder).

First thing I would try is a full bed. The comfort level is extremely high with the Tour Bite at low tension. But if I were to suggest a hybrid, I would only go maybe 4 lb. higher with the syn gut (30M/34C).

I did try a hybrid of Polystar Energy mains at 37 lb. and Prince Syn Gut Duraflex at 40 lb. and I actually thought it was okay. But not nearly the same as a full bed of Tour Bite. Fact is, I can't even say that the comfort was any better. Honestly, the full bed of Tour Bite at 30 lb. was substantially better overall than the hybrid.

I would not go 15 lb. higher with the crosses, however. My feeling is that it would place excessive stress on the frame. And I can't really see any benefit to it. As I said, my suggestion is that you try a full bed and if you start to have any twinges of pain, cut it out and restring a hybrid with the crosses 4 lb. higher than the mains. Worst case is that you end up wasting $12. That's not much to pay for a potential game-changing stringbed.

As I said, I absolutely loved Polystar Energy at 30 lb. It was ridiculously soft, yet with controllable power and feel (I hit some amazing drop shots with that setup), but unfortunately lost tension a bit too quickly for my tastes. So I went with the Big Hitter Blue, but that just sucked bigtime. Finally I tried Tour Bite at 30 lb. and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. There's no guarantee that I won't find some fault with it down the road, but for now I'm very excited to get back out on the court and see what else I can do with this setup.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

EDIT: I also want to clarify that I'm talking specifically about the X-Dark Red. I have been having some difficulty finding just the right string for it and the Tour Bite really brought that frame to life, which I haven't been able to find in any other string combination so far. I'm really excited about playing with this setup. But if you're talking about a different frame, then you might have a different experience than mine. There hasn't been much love around here for the Dark Red, but I absolutely love the frame. I'm switching to the Dark Red from the K90 and the Dark Red has an easier swing (although I've added a leather grip and some lead tape so that the static weight and swingweight is virtually identical to the K90), it has a larger sweetspot, gives more spin, and feels almost as solid. It's a really nice frame once you find the right strings.
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