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Originally Posted by Blade0324 View Post
Ian and Skiracer, it has been really insightfull reading your posts on this. I wasn't able to make it up to watch the final so I am glad to hear some details besides just seeing the score line.
You both sound like you have been around the higher levels here is Denver and elsewhere for some time and have a good knowledge of the players. Interesting that you mention this gal working with Salzenstein as we only have a few former ATP guys here in town and he definately has a great rep, wasn't he working with Alexa Glatch for a while too?
I have a buddy that might be interested in playing some open dubs if either of you are interested perhaps we can find a way to set something up. This is a guy that I have hit with for a while know and played one tourney with. Unfortunately I'm just not good enough to do him justice. He is one of those former ATP top 100 guys here in Denver, just a little older (now 45). Having played competitive event with him I have to agree with you on how he just knows where to go with the ball and what kind of shot. He even has the ability to convey that to me in our match. A fine example is when we would discus where to serve and what serve to hit before a point on my serve as well as him letting me know what he would be doing. Frequently I would tell him I'm going to do X, and he would say no I think you need to do Y and then follow it up with Z. I listened to him and have never had so much success holding serve. He just has a knowledge and understanding that you don't find at a 4.5-5.0 level even. It's not all about pace on serve or other shots for that matter. Knowing what shot to hit at the right time makes such a huge difference, and this creates a kind of anticipation on your opponents response that makes is seem like you always know exactly what they are going to do.
...I haven't played a whole lot of doubles lately, so I'd have to get my doubles chops back together, but let's think about it. For the record, Ian is a 3.5 trying to get to 4.0...but he's a whole lot better, IMHO, than those numbers. In another thread you might find interesting, which I'll point you in a minute, Ian and I met, he thought I had some good ideas, I have done some coaching (a 3.0-3.5 group and a 4.0-4.5 group in Longmont last year), so I've been hitting with him and giving him what help I can on his game...although IMHO he's well on his way without my help.

Again, for the record, I'm 63, my strokes are probably 5.0 ish...but I don't play NTRP or age groups any more. I just play Men's Open events. I love the challenge and believe I'm gonna get there, but it's going to take some further heavy lifting. In the Boulder Open, I lost first round to a guy who just graduated from Denver East and is going on to play at a Div 1 school back east. Good match, he was just better in the two important departments that day, serve and return. I was fortunate enough to have as my coaches the men's coaches at CU Boulder before they cut the program; that's where a lot of my fundamentals and coaching methods come from.

So, let's start with this: if you want to hit some balls some time, send me an email (my account says I can receive emails from other TW folks), and we'll hit some. I live in Berthoud, but travel all over to meet my hitting partners, so I'm more than happy to play at Gates or whatever works for you. I have a tournament starting in Fort Collins today and I'm going to be driving my 350Z on the track at High Plains all weekend, so next week is to you soon!
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