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Originally Posted by skiracer55 View Post
...I haven't played a whole lot of doubles lately, so I'd have to get my doubles chops back together, but let's think about it. For the record, Ian is a 3.5 trying to get to 4.0...but he's a whole lot better, IMHO, than those numbers. In another thread you might find interesting, which I'll point you in a minute, Ian and I met, he thought I had some good ideas, I have done some coaching (a 3.0-3.5 group and a 4.0-4.5 group in Longmont last year), so I've been hitting with him and giving him what help I can on his game...although IMHO he's well on his way without my help.
Hey Blade, skiracer outed me, LOL. Actually, I've never made a secret of my level. 3.5, guilty as charged. I'm playing 4.0 leagues and tourneys this season and doing OK but not great. Basically I have decent strokes and that allows me to rally with 4.5+ guys in practice, on the rare occasions that happens. What I don't have is a cohesive game; being able to understand the game from the sidelines is not the same as being able to apply that understanding to my own matches... not yet anyway.

Now that full disclosure is over: if you still want to hit, great, email me through my account. And if not, no hurt feelings.

This thread veered off track in unexpected directions; I'd like to loop back to the original topic and once again wish luck to all Colorado players in the US Open National Playoffs. To Vasilisa Bardina in particular: she has a realistic chance to make it, and what a story that would be!
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