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Originally Posted by duketennisgal View Post
I have three of the same racket and used to switch between those three all the time just for fresh grip and things like that. I really try to avoid that now though because I played a match and broke all three sets of strings within 2 games because I had played with them all equally and the strings all went at the same time.

Now the only time I switch out during a match is if my grip is really wet.
When me and my two closest friends starting breaking strings every few weeks, I bought a stringer. It's the best money I've every spent considering how often I was breaking strings with X-One Bi-Phase 16g.

So when my crosses begin to notch badly, I simply restring. X-One 16g doesn't last much longer than about 12 to 15 hours, and it's the closest thing to gut that I've found. Since I hit about 12-15 hours per week, I'm normally restringing one frame a week, sometimes two. The strings cost me $10 per frame (via reel using only 16' for crosses and 18' for mains) and 30 minutes of my time per frame.

I tell string breakers to rotate through two frames with a third unused one in their bag to avoid the problem like you had. I don't look for stringing business and tell most string breakers to go to the local pro shop, since they string while you wait by appointment. The local store charges $15 labor and guarantees 24 hour turn around if you don't have an appointment. That is outstanding service!
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