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I'm actually a big fan of having a back up racket in my bag, that is different from my main.

I use my K Prostaff 88's as my main rackets, but sometimes my opponent is just not letting me play my game, (AKA opponent forcing uber long rallies), and I need a bit more forgiveness in long long baseline exchanges. This is why I carry a Pure Storm Limited, which is amazing at baseline rallies, but pales in comparison to everything else that the KPS88 does.

All in all, if I am getting forced to hit long rallies, (10+ shots), the out comes the PSL. If I'm playing how I want to, (S&V, aggressive push the pace) then the KPS88 does exactly what I need it to.

No racket does everything perfect, but most do everything well to an extent.

Now if they made my 88's in a 95......

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