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Originally Posted by Paul B 40-15 View Post
why does everyone think that players with more than one racket in their bag must have some sort of problem with their game or they are not happy with how they are playing?
could it be that they haven't quite found the right racket for them yet? they might not be happy with the racket instead of not being happy with their game.

to g4driver:
what on earth are you doing with a racket which means you have to re string it once a week?

I play for three hours a night three nights a week, I have been using the same racket for over a month and everything still feels like new.
During hard court season I have to restring weekly almost. Just a fact of life since I don't play with Polyester strings! I play around 2 hours a day, not including matches, which are on average 2.5-3.0 hours each. I usually clock in around 30 hours a week which honestly is great for a set of synthetic to last me that long. (Also, I use Multi or Gut in "match sticks", and the multi I restring weekly, while gut can last me a solid 3+ weeks)

Plus the more spin people start to hit with, the more wear their strings get, which causes much more breakage.


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