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Originally Posted by FriarTuck View Post
It may be that I really haven't found my true racquet yet. I think I have found that in my BLX Blade 98, but there are times when I really like the feel and weight of the BLX 6.1 95.

Today I played against a better player than me and won the first set in a tiebreak with the Blade 98. My friend (a larger guy) didn't have enough juice to play a 2nd or 3rd set (we played middle of the day and it was 105 degrees today) so he suggested we play 10 point tiebreaks instead of 2nd or 3rd sets. I didn't mind due to the heat and the fact that it was a friendly match. I had forgotten my towel and my grip was so wet I switched to the 6.1 95 for the 10 point tiebreak and ended up winning 12-10 with a forehand winner down the line. That last forehand felt good enough to make me consider switching to the 6.1 95 as my main racquet because I served pretty well with it as well.

I don't know... I'm OCD when it comes to making purchases so this whole racquet search and decision is driving me crazy.

I just had an idea for you! If you like the weight of the 6.1, have you tried to lead up your Blade closer to the specs of the 6.1? Maybe you can find a happy middle ground between the two.

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