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Just to follow up on this, I strung my Dark Red with Tour Bite 17g at 30 lb. (yes, 30 lb.) and it is INCREDIBLE. The spin is outrageous, the feel is well above average, the power level is medium and controllable. Power level feels around the level of a good syn gut strung at 52 lb. But the spin is awesome. Serves took some getting used to (most of my initial serves went into the middle of the net), but once I started to hit more "up" on the ball, they were landing in the middle of the service box and hitting the fence about waist high. Tremendous kick (for me). All-out flat serves were a bit tough to generate... I just couldn't get the spin off of the ball!

What I was really impressed with was the feel. Not the "touch", really, but the raw feel. When I hit the ball, I could feel where it was going, unlike almost every other string combination that I've tried so far. I didn't get a "thwack" sound like I expected from a poly, but rather more of a "swish" sound. I love the "thwack", but I'll take the "swish" since it gives me the best feel I've had from this frame so far.

So in my opinion, the hype and raving about Tour Bite on this forum is legitimate. I was extremely impressed with this string. Tension loss after 1 hour of hard hitting was only about 1-2 lb. on the stringmeter, which is negligible. Control was great, spin was amazing, power level was good at 30 lb. I'll have to buy a few more sets of this stuff to try out different tensions.

Another update: I've played a match (2 hours) last night with this setup and it worked flawlessly. Great depth, amazing spin. I really liked volleying with this string setup, plenty of power and better control than I thought. Total tension loss so far (as measured by the stringmeter) is about 6-7 lb. after 1 week and about 4 hours of hitting/matches. Not bad, but nothing spectacular, either. I was hoping for better.

I suspect next time I go out for 2 hours of hard drills, I'll lose another 2-3 lb. My guess is that this setup will be unplayable after 8 hours. But we'll see.

But aside from the tension loss (I may go up to 32 lb. next time), I really, really love these strings and frame. I have no wrist pain (which I usually do), no elbow pain, no shoulder pain. I'm a happy man at this point. I've been playing with frames and strings all summer to replace my old K90 ever since I developed wrist pain with it. The X-Dark Red is an outstanding, if not superior, replacement in every way. Easier to swing (at the same static weight), more comfortable, slightly less control, and can deliver more spin than the K90. The only thing I haven't learned yet with this racquet is the outright winner. The K90 is amazing at pulling out an outright winner from nowhere during a normal baseline rally. Just turn up the heat and let 'er rip. The X-Dark Red is definitely more of a control frame, which is fine with me.
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