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Originally Posted by Paul B 40-15 View Post
to g4driver:
what on earth are you doing with a racket which means you have to re string it once a week?
Two weeks ago in a USTA match, I hit a forehand so hard off of a second serve the ball went through the metal chain link fence behind the baseline. My shot went in first, about a two feet from the baseline, bounced off the hard court, then exited the court through the fence. The fence was undamaged in the exchange.

The guy at the net asked "Did he just hit a forehand through the fence?" My partner answered "Yes". I didn't realize what had happened until the opponents started looking for the ball.

Last week I hit doubles against two 4.0s and a 4.5 on Monday night, a 4.0 Singles Match on on Tuesday night, 7.5 Combo on Wed night, a three hour USTA Single's match on Thursday night, doubles Friday am with Old Retired Guys (ORGs) because they need a 4th, then another Single's Ladder match on Saturday am. So what is that, maybe 13 hours that week minimum. I've been playing angry tennis lately. That is about the least I play in any given week. If I am on the road a few days out of the week, I will hit 5 to 6 hours per day by going out in the am and again at night.

WC Black5Edge Mains strung at 54lbs and X-One Bi-Phase 16g 57 lbs last about 12 to 15 hours max. That is why I restring one frame each week. I just strung one tonight while watching the Lincoln Lawyer. 35 minutes on my Alpha Apex 2 stringer.
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