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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
That's what I long thought about: combine durability of poly for OUTER coating and elasticity of multi for inner core. I'm glad that end result makes racquets play more like PT57A

And I'm very intrigued by your statement that Dual Core Donnays can be turned into Head Pro Stocks with standard customization and certain string setup.
Next year, there will be a lot of string technology introduced. A few inventions that I know of include:

1. Thicker guaged string that allow racquets with 16x19 string pattern to play very solid like 18x20 while maintain and spin potential of 16x19

2. Hybrid dual core string that allows players to get the genuinely soft feel (not plastic feel) of multifilament, and get the durability and spin potential of poly. The sampler I am testing has the right feel, now they need to optimize for spin and durability. Stay tuned.

I have a big collection of pro stock racquets including the popular PT7A and PT57E. The 57E was my favorite one because of solid feel, comfort, medium-stiff flex, and power. I don't care much about spin. When I first playtested two JHT027 frames (soft and stiff) which later the stiff one turn to be Platinum 99, I started to understand what Donnay is trying to achieve. It has a lot in common with PT57E execpt plow-thru that PT57E is a tad better. And when I played the Gold 99 last night, I immediately recognized the comfort from soft flex feel, and the way the ball dwells in stringbed of PT57A. The Gold may have better spin potential because of more open string pattern. So I think Donnay bring in a lot of good stuffs from pro stock racquets into their products. It'd be interesting to follow what Donnay is doing in the next release of racquets...may be tripple core, quad core, pentacore, xCore... we'll see.
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