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Originally Posted by cayzi View Post
suppawat did you try Silver maybe? I am very happy with Silver and feels much better for me than XP Dual. A lot of power.

I am using this strings:

Could you please tell me because now I am also interested in GOLD how this compare to SILVER. I guess with more static weight and less head heaviness + more flex you must have even longer swing to get power as SILVER deliver?

Also I notice that Donnay grips are a little smaller than other brands. For example I have Donnay in grip size 3 and I have a feeling that is more like 2.5 size. Should I even consider bigger grip size because I can put my finger on tight in between other fingers when holding it as hammer.
Long time ago I played them side by side and cannot find the difference. I will spend more time with the Silver and see the difference. Please stay tuned.

In terms of grip size, I can feel that in some Donnay racquets and found out that synthetic based grip partially cause the problem. Donnay synthetic grip is softer than other brands. When I hold the racquet tight, I can feel the Donnay grip size is smaller. Try a firmer grip like Volkl leather or Wilson K-Control grips.

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