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Originally Posted by superman1
You must be deluded, barry. Why do people have such hateful feelings towards people they don't even know? I watched the entire match and could tell something was obviously wrong. He was hesitant to run and he missed pretty much every single backhand return. This is Andre friggin' Agassi, when he gets his racquet on the return he never misses. I guess he purposely lost the match to a guy that had never previously taken a set off him so that he didn't have to play, then he dropped out of the Australian Open because he didn't have the guts to play in a depleted field in his best Grand Slam.
Like I said ask Agassi, don't ask me why he skipped the AO and played a small tournament. I watched the match too, and I saw him running around and playing his usual game, Davydenko was just better and Agassi lost it and quit.
2nd time he has done this, kind of says it all. Guess it is the only place he ever gets injuried.
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