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i won my local tournament, the HB open, in the 4.5 division today. the final match i won by default because the guy didnt show up. i have played the guy 3 times before, winning the last two. i dont remember exactly when i lost to the guy, but i know i wasnt playing as good as i am today. i feel that i am playing the best tennis of my life. this is actually the first tournament that i have ever won above 4.0. i only dropped one set and it was in the semi's and the guy was really good. he took me 1-6 in the first and i thought i was going to lose for sure. i could not dial in my game. on the set change over i changed my game and started playing more consistent and waited for my chances to hit winners much more patiently. after the match we exchanged numbers so we could meet up and practice and i learned he is a teaching pro at one of the local clubs around here.

after the match was defaulted i hung around and watched the mens open finals. it was fun getting to hang out with my dad at his club. i remember playing tennis when i was really young at these courts, and people i didnt recognize would talk to my dad and say they remember me when i was really small. i was pretty bummed that i didnt get to play because i was excited to win the tournament with my dad and his friends watching. i watched about an hour of the mens open. one of the players' mom was sitting next to me and she told me he was playing at univ of oregon which i think is d1. i know these players arent the highest ranked guys in socal, but they were pretty good. i know if i were to play these guys they would probably beat me, but i know i could hang and get some games. i know with more work i will be competing with these guys soon.

later today i had my usta league doubles match and i was playing really good. usually im not too good at doubles because i need to get into a rythym, but today i was firing on all cylinders. me and my teamate ended up winning 6-4 6-4 i think.

ive been playing a lot and have met some cool people through my craigslist post. one guy i met with was down to meet up twice a week and do drills. friday we worked on my crosscourt bh and service return. this was really helping me get that muscle memory that you need to hit consistent shots. this was exellent practice and realy what i need to get better. theres a few tournament coming up in september. i havent decided if ima play 4.5 or open. if theres a large draw for 5.0 ill probably play that. i plan on playing a lot for practice before my next tournaments. ive been playing around 5 days a week, but plan on training even harder. ill get some video of my bh once i get my tripod thing in the mail. i got some video of the semi final match but only a few points because the court was not and ideal court for filming.
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