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Agree with coachbrian...just played a few sets of competitive doubles against a couple of former ATPers and wow, what a treat! I usually play against 4 to 5 + players all the time but this level is so much different (quality of shot, placement, consistency etc.).

Got killed early on until we started playing smash mouth to keep up.
It's all about levels and it happens at the top too. Recall hearing Fed saying how he plays better at the later stages as the guys hit a "cleaner" ball.

To be your best, play the best.

Move up young man!

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I understand what your saying. But are you trying to get better? So playing a smaller draw with better players wont get you better? It looks like Keith just walked his 5.0 draw if im not correct? It sounds like you are looking for quantity and not quality.

Wether you win vs Keith or not, it looks like he is moving up, and your still at your level. Right?
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