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i actually remember that loss quite well. that was the loss that determined me to get better. that was a year ago when i was demoing racquets and thought my game was the best thing since sliced bread. i thought i could handle any racquet and was using the blx 6.1 90. i remember the crippling tennis elbow that thing gave me. i broke a string the match before and i took it into a big box store and told the stringer i broke strings alot. so they gave me kevlar at 60lbs( i dont reccomend this to anyone). needless to say i sold that racquet and went through many other racquets untill i found the pstgt. i have my own stringer now and know much much more about tennis and i dont get tennis elbow any more. about 6 months ago i did get a chance for a rematch against keith in my ultimate tennis league. the score was 6-7 0-6 and i have improved a great deal since even then. i think then i was using the yonex rdis 100 mid. im fairly certain if i played him now i would win or at least go 3 sets.

but i know what your saying about the level jumping. the problem is that the 5.0 and 5.5 levels never bring a good size draw. its usually like 4.5 has 20-30 ppl open has 25-35 ppl and if there is a 5.0 or 5.5 draw its like a maximum of 8ppl. so its either get my moneys worth at 4.5 or get a lesson at open.
My 2 cents.

If I were you, I would play a couple more 4.5 Tournaments. My reasons are two fold. Most importantly, you have to work on your back hand. Make a conscious effort to get your footwork correct and hit the two hander every time. Don't even think about slicing, unless you're seriously reaching. Don't worry about the scoreboard at all.

Second point would be to solidify in your mind that you are now too good to play at 4.5, and you have earned those spots in the open or 5.0 tourneys (assuming you win...).
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