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Default Mixed League ?

My wife is fairly new to the game (started last October, sorta...but really not until I quit coaching in February/March). She's coming along nicely (about a 2.5 player now) and is pretty competitive...good clean strokes with good pace...just lacks consistency in long points and is starting to learn good strategy. I'm a stronger 4.0 to mid 4.5 player (depending on the day and how I feel).

We were going to play a mixed league together for fun, to help her learn, and build on our games so we can play more tournaments together, etc. I was asked to captain a 7.0 team, which should have been fine as I'm rated 4.0 officially and my wife is rated as a 2.0 (I think). After we sign up and get close to startup, the other captain says my wife can't play because she's rated too low. We are told, she could re-rate higher if she wants to play. We refused that because I want her to build her game (singles) against equals, etc. Seemed to make sense...she would grow and have success and move up...rather than getting frustrated and hate tennis.

I get ****ed because it makes no sense to me. I am dumbing down my game totally when I play in this league. I was told, "this is a rule". How does this make sense if we are the ones taking the chance to get her experience. We wanted to play together.

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