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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
USTA Combined rating leagues have a maximum rating differential. USTA National rules allow a 1.0 rating difference for Adult Mixed & Super Senior leagues. See page 10 of the USTA National rules.

Combo Mixed, which is an odd numbered combined rated league, usually allows up to a 1.5 rating difference.
or like in my section -- there is no maximum differential.
my 8.5 combo team is made up of the normal assortment of 4.0/4.5's and a 5.0/3.5 (me) and a 5.5/3.0. We are tough to beat...

back OT - combo ladies would be a great place for your wife to start off. My wife is also a new player self rated at 2.5 and is enjoying 5.5 and 6.5 league play at the same time for very different reasons.
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