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man, great videos, thanks to all who shared links.

I grew up watching Ashe, Laver, Newcombe, Nastase, Rosewall which evolved into Connors, McEnroe, Borg, Edberg, Wilander, Lendl, and then into the next generation.

Honestly? I don't think the game was ever played at a higher level than it was during the heyday of McEnroe, Borg, Connors and the like. I like Nadal and Federer and the Joker, but put them back into that era, or bring those guys forward, and I just don't see them winning multiple majors.

I have trouble getting into televised tennis these days. There's very little artistry to the game, even less imagination, and while the top few guys play at a high level, the rest of the field doesn't impress me in the least. 30 years ago you'd see high quality tennis in a major quarterfinal. Not any more. One thing that drives me nuts about today's players is there is simply no one playing right now who has any clue how to operate at the net. Maybe Federer. But of the top guys, they are all weak at the net, and most are simply clueless.

Things move in cycles. All the people who have only been watching for 5-10 years think net play is an aberration, that it's all about slugging it out from the baseline. I pray this cycle passes and we evolve once again back to a more all court game. More fun to play, and sure as heck more fun to watch.

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