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so ive been working on the bh a lot. i just got done with a two hour session of only hitting bh's. ive been hitting with a guy and we do this drill where he only hit bh to me and i hit it and then touch the center hash mark and go back to hit another bh. we did this for about 1 and a half hrs. then for about 30 mins we had him serve to my bh a bunch of times. my game is feeln really good lately. ive played every day for the last 9 to 10 days. i still feel like im strugling with getting my feet set properly when i try and hit a bh cross court with good pace. with the amount im playing lately ill improve much quicker. ive also finally settled on a string setup that i really feel works with my gm.

theres two tournaments coming up in a week and a half. ill probably sign up for the queen of hearts tournament.
im gone all this weekend, but i have practice sessions already scheduled for tues through thurs. ill probably take friday off to rest and then have the tournament this weekend. i just hope the draw gets at least 16 ppl. so far it looks like theres not too many ppl signed up.
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