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Add me to the club. This is easily one of the best serving frames I have ever experienced. I just got it yesterday and went right into a practice match today. I lost 6-3, 6-3, to a solid 4.0 on clay. I threw alot of untimely double faults because I got seduced by the amount of power I was generating on my serves with little effort. I was not taking anything off my 2nd serves, which I would never do in a real match.
I have PSGD 17g at 60# and while on serve it felt great, off the ground the frame played a little too boardy and I will probably go down to around 56# with a gut/poly hybrid. The frame is comfortable and comes around easy enough. IMO, it is very similar to the k6.1 95 18 x 20, but less powerful.
Any string set up tension suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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