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Hey man, I saw you playing in the semis of the HB Open, grats on the win.

TBH I was there watching Mayeda playing on the court next to yours for the men's open semis, but caught most of the 1st set from your match. It looked brutal and I thought you were finished, so I went to check out thomsen play the other open semi match.

After another hour I kept hearing cheers coming WAY back from those awful courts they put you guys, and my friend said it must be a war back there lol. We both agreed that you have a "technically" better game than the philippino guy you played, but man, the consistency of your shots was tough to watch. I would have thrown my racquet a few times on some of those backhand returns on his serve.

Lucky for you, your opponent started missing his pushy shots, and you finally started making your forehand winners. It wasn't pretty, but sometimes those are the best wins haha.

I saw that Morales guy play against the old guy in the other 4.5 match, and he was quite the super pusher, with only a forehand and backhand slice.. I'm not kidding lol. You would've easily beaten him if he showed.

To be blunt, there is a massive gap between you and the open players I saw there, and they were on the low end of what I normally see. I doubt you could even break thomsen in 5 sets. But it's no big deal, you'll get there in time if you want it bad enough. Good luck!
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