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Originally Posted by yonexpurestorm View Post
^^^thats cool that you got to see me play for a bit. that first set i was really playing bad. i know what you mean about the consistency. i would have a short ball and him at the net and i would burry it in the net. i picked it up though, and really started hitting the corners with my fh. that morales guy's gm is ugly to watch. he really uses all the junk gm to win. im sure i woudve won.

i was watching the match next to mine a lot. i just noticed how much quicker their game is. i feel like im getting better everyday though. my main objectives to get to that level are lose weight and get to 180, work on bh to be able to rally and return with it and not be on defense, get my flat first serve to a higher percentage, and work on my net game. ive been eating healthy lately and smaller portions. i was 200 this morning, which isnt anything to be proud of, but its down a few lb's though.

i feel like im on a good run lately. theres a guy i play a lot and he always takes me in straight sets, and i pushed him to a third for the first time this week. i feel like ive been getting good practice and have more drive than ever before. once i win two more tournies i think ill jump up again.
A lot of posts on here about losing weight, and it definitely wouldn't hurt you, but your footwork was pretty good I thought. I mean, I never once thought your weight was a factor in that match, and you even wore the other guy out. Movement from less weight would get you into position for a better BH though, and I think most people slice their BH as a crutch for bad movement. A leaner body would also let you run around the ball and hit an inside-out forehand instead, at least until your new BH is ready to go.

Personally, I would say just build that backhand up; rebuild it if you have to. It doesn't have to be a weapon, just solid and consistent. I also agree about working the serve, except I think you should focus more on your 2nd not your 1st. It looked like you were holding back on your 1st serve, most likely because of your confidence in your 2nd serve; as your arms were extremely tense. With a confident 2nd serve you can really let the 1st serves go without worrying about a DF. The open players ALL have a beastly 2nd serve, so get to it.
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