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Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
...and this is a whole other problem. One of the fellows in my doubles circle, regularly returns long serves, and only then decides whether it was in or out. Really frustrating when he claims the point when your serve appeared to be long.
Its a common misconception that playing a ball means that it has to be good, or that playing a ball, then calling it out is reason for a let.

For low level play, its pretty easy to call balls in or out. For high level play, you're going to play balls that "could possibly be good" more frequently because the ball is moving so fast that you cant possibly "let it go" every single time the ball looks like its going out.

Example: If a serve is coming over at 50 mph, its 3 ft. long, and you hit your hardest forehand at the servers net player, that would be pretty rude.

Example: If the serve is coming at you at 120 mph and you block it, it turns out the ball was 4 inches out, you can certainly call it out and should not be expected to have "let it go".

Now, the most important thing to do when making calls like this is to play the ball and immediately make the call. You cant play the ball, wait to see if your ball was in or out, and then call it.

You do not have to "let it go" to be able to call it out.

(Of course, were talking after the ball hits the court, and not playing the ball before it bounces.)
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