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Ironically, I struggle to lob off of serves. I hardly ever attempt it.

One reason is that if the server is coming in, lobbing is not a good idea. Better is to just put it at their feet.

The other problem with lobbing is that it is rare for the serve to push me back behind the baseline. For most decent 3.5 ladies serves, I start inside the baseline. It's hard to get off enough topspin to get the ball up and down. For men's 3.5 serves, the pace and lack of backswing on my return makes hitting a topspin lob tricky.

I rarely try to win the point off of the return. I just seem to dork it up. Unless the serve is absolutely miserable, I just return it deep and crosscourt or to the server's feet and take it from there. If the server has a bad BH, I might get brave and return deep to the BH corner and come to net. Only when I feel brave, though.
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