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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
LOL! Cindy, I think this post made you officially graduate to 4.0!

Trust me, this is one of the ugliest returns I've ever seen. I watched a 4.0 male serve to a 3.5 male, and he got under the ball, with a slice type motion, but instead of driving it, he "flicked" up and 30 feet in the air it went with back spin. Truly horrendous.

I can't graduate just yet.

I remembered I have a friend who practices singles with me. She loves to S&V. At first, I used to try to pass her. She comes to net like a freight train, so this didn't work often enough. What did work was, um . . . getting under the serve and popping it up. Because of her excessive forward momentum, any decent lob would win the point.

Oh, the shame . . . .
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