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I played a good match yesterday, ended up losing 10-8 in a 3rd set tie break. The string set up was a tad springy and I over hit a couple of times at key points of the match. I think I need to get out and just hit so I can get dialed in. I have this frame for three days and have already played & lost two matches with it. The trajectory is a little higher than the standard 200 so, although the added depth is welcome, I just need to simply hit a few hundred ground strokes and get dialed in. I was not too impressed with the Volkl hybrid. the poly moved around quite a bit, it was rather springy and I feel I could have gone a bit higher in tension. Having said that, the comfort is great and it seems to be a comfortable frame to use. Once I find my range, it feels like a good attacking frame that so far, feels pretty well rounded, and much more powerful than the standard 4d 200. I actually played a practice set after the match with my 200 and blanked him 6-0. Difference in spin and power were very noticeable, but ironically, I couldn't miss a serve, where with the tour, I was certainly throwing heat, but also quite a few just long, so again, just a matter of getting dialed in. I must add that the swing weight does not seem to be an issue and the tour, so far is extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver at the net.
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