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Zesty-man, U can cut the grip at about a 45 degree angle which helps, but I've found you don't always have time for that. You can wrap easily enough without having to cut it, and just use it square out of the box. If you really need to stick it down, either cut a small length off the red finishing tape and use that to anchor it, or some other electric tape etc, but you really don't need to. The trick is simply to make sure you anchor the end of the grip to the handle (I use my thumb) as you make the first wrap. As for strectching, I would say the tourna-g has two levels of stretch. One is the initial pull you can give that uses the slight give in the grip and that it will spring back from, whilst the second is a "permanent" stretch that it won't come back from - simply pulling harder gets you from 1st to second stage. Overall, don't sweat it, you'll get the knack and wonder what all the fuss was about! The TW "How to replace a grip" section may be of help.
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