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Originally Posted by basil J View Post
Popped the poly yesterday. Today I went with the becker gut poly hybrid at 60# gutm/58#/poly crosses. i will try it out tomorrow. I am trying to play everyday this week. The trajectory with the open string bed is a bit higher than with the 18 x 20 version, so I think with tighter tension I will be able to reel my shots in a bit and start playing more aggressively. I think this frame is begging for a full VS gut string job, but before I blow the cash, I want to tinker with some set ups. Need to do my shoulder exercises for this beast. It's static weight is no big deal, but it swings heavy. I am hoping that all I need is some time to get dialed in a bit.
Also had to adjust to the higher trajectory of the 4D200T coming off a 18x20 string bed. Solved it by shifting my grip a bit more western, thus closing the racket face a tad more. Bonus: more spin! Also, I have been going steadily down with my tension using full poly. Has provided me with massive additional spin potential, thus helping to control the power of this beast (see LOW, LOW tensions thread in Strings section)! Also very welcome additional kick on 2nd serves... I am now at 17-18 kg, but may go back up a bit because I am getting string movement after the first couple of hours of play.
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